luca longu design





I could begin like David Copperfield: I was born, I grew up..." but it would be too long.
We are accustomed to doing several things at the same time and we live in a society that push us to need many incitements. Perhaps it is for this reason that in the objects we look for more "interactivity" (the contemporary art gave advance notice and the evolution of technology has confirmed). We don't want to be passive users and we seek objects that stimulate our intellect, curiosity, and creativity.
I turned my research in this direction, in the study of objects that express their presence thank to the people who use them and then modify their environment.
I want to believe in the social role of design, i want to believe that the objects that surround us help us to define ourselves through the filter of contemporary experience.
If the objects helps us to improve ourselves then even the environments it will be.